A little about Chef Joe. . .

I have been cooking ever since I could reach the stove; I believe I was six years old at the time.  The first thing I ever cooked on that stove was popcorn. To this day it’s still my favorite snack, hot and buttery right off the stove (not that microwave stuff).  Because cooking was really just a hobby to me I didn’t get into it professionally until my mid 20’s.  After working fine dining, country clubs, banquets, and prepared foods, I found that I would rather personally show people my passion rather than working in a commercial kitchen.

My passion really started when I moved out and started cooking at home for myself. Then I found out throwing a dinner party was a great way to get friends to visit, when I told people I was cooking, they all came over.  As I improved my craft, my passion grew and I realized that I had a knack for cooking and pairing foods.   Family and friends started telling me that I should go to culinary school, but at the time I was working in IT, so it took a few years to just up and change careers.  But eventually I  enrolled at Columbus State Community College as a Chef’s Apprentice and received an associate’s degree in hospitality management three years later.

I started my apprenticeship in a fine dining restaurant and finished my apprenticeship at a high end hotel. There I learned all aspects of the business from baking and banquets, to the visual appeal of food.  I also learned new techniques and flavor pairing.  From there I moved on to a country club and then to the prepared foods section of a nationally known health food store.  There I discovered many new whole grains and varieties of produce, so  I learned how to cook healthier dishes with less salt and little to no fat.  I have been enjoying experimenting at home with all my new found techniques.  My wife and son love it, my wife would only eat a few vegetables when I met her, now nothing is out of the question!!

After years of cooking in commercial kitchens working late hours then starting a family,  I decided I should bring my expertise straight to the people. This allows me to cook in a more intimate setting directly for you.   It allows me to be more creative and to help families eat healthy meals, and try new foods while still getting high end food.  I also enjoy teaching people how to cook flavorful, healthy food, because so many think if it’s healthy it can’t taste good.

Let me share my passion of cuisine with you.

Oh and as for the popcorn? Any one who has been around long enough knows about it and will always stick around for my night time snack before they head home.

I am an American Culinary Federation: Certified Culinarian, and ServSafe Certified (Food Safety and Sanitation).