Joe is a fantastic Chef and very easy to work with. My wife and I and few friends had Joe over for a dinner/evening cooking lesson and we had a great time. He showed us how to cook Tuna, a great cream sauce, some yummy side dishes, a very good salsa, a dessert AND a Bisque. All of this in just 2 or so hours! If you are looking for someone to teach you how to take your cooking to the next level, Joe is your guy. We felt very comfortable with him in our home and had a great time. Trust me, this is the only time you will feel comfortable when someone shows up at your door with a set of knives!

I can imagine having Joe over every month or so to teach us how to cook new recipes as it was just as much entertaining as it was educational. If you have looked around town for other personal chefs you will likely find that most are around double what Joe charges. If you’ve looked at Sur La Table for similar cooking classes you will find they are wayyyy expensive and you pay per person so for a simple class for two people for 1-2 hours may be around $130 and Joe will come to your home for a fraction of the price and you can learn using your own kitchen and tools which is must better anyways. Plus you don’t have to leave the house!

We chose to buy the food and ingredients but he can do that for you as well, however we had a good time shopping using the list he gave us.

If you’re looking for a great birthday or other gift for someone in the Columbus area and are tired of the same old stuff, having Joe over to their house for 2 or so hour cooking lesson would be an AWESOME gift.

Chef Joe did a great job providing a cooking class for our wedding party the morning of the bridal shower. He made it fun and informative while he was very professional but relaxed. He demonstrated a little then had us set up at different sations to slice, dice, and stir up different parts of the recipe and had it coordinated in such a way that everything was done at the same time. It was a well orchestrated event and everyone had a great time! The food was delicious!!

— Mariah Bentley Nierman

Chef Joe is the best!! We thoroughly enjoyed his cooking and his warm personality.   He prepared a very healthy, tasty meal and the presentation was beautiful! Plus clean up was a bonus!! YUM!   A Fantastic Treat!!

Bridget & Steve Dritz

Joe is amazing!!!! He produced an elegant meal that was packed with flavor as well as delighted the eye.  Joe was a professional as well as very hospitable. He prepared a mother’s day feast for our family of 15 and by the end our family wanted to adopt Joe into our fold! Words cannot express my gratitude or appreciation. I can’t wait for the next event, not even a question of who we are going to hire!!

Charlotte Hughes

We are so pleased with Chef Joe. We got the family meal option to feed our family of four and have been more than satisfied with his services. There is no better feeling than to open the refrigerator and see the neatly stacked containers of healthy, gourmet food waiting for us to heat up all week. We don’t have to go to the grocery store, cook, or worry about what to have for dinner and whether it is nutritious. We have more time to spend with the kids – doing homework, going to the park, and other activities – even during the week!‎ Plus, now my kids are eating vegetables – which is amazing.

Tom Kistner

What a great experience! Chef Joe not only prepared 3 great meals for me, he showed me exactly how to make them myself – from selecting the right ingredients, using the correct preparation skills, to plating for the best presentation. I’m looking forward to more lessons! Thank you!!

— Mustafa Harcar

Chef Joe was awesome! he came and did a dinner party for 8 friends and also made it informative!

Kristin Sharpnack Taylor

After years of eating too much fast food and carryout, I called Chef Joe because my doctor told me that my cholesterol was too high. Chef Joe worked with me to come up with a low-fat menu of dishes that I like to eat. He shopped for us, cooked for us in our own kitchen, then packaged everything into the fridge and left the kitchen spotless! My husband and I dined like royalty for over a week eating dishes like pad thai, roasted chicken, grilled fish and the most amazing stew we’d ever had. We have already hired him to come again next month. It is such a great service for busy professionals who like excellent healthy food!‎ I’m confident that I can make permanent changes to my diet as long as Chef Joe keeps coming back!