Meal Preparation

We prepare your healthy, home-cooked meals in your kitchen, so all week you have delicious dinners ready and waiting for you to enjoy – in your home at your convenience. A variety of packages are available.

Together, we’ll customize a plan that suits your needs and budget. All packages include:

  • Personal assessment and consultation about meal needs and preferences
  • Customized menu planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal preparation, packaging, written cooking & storage instructions

After our consultation about health needs, preferences, likes and dislikes, I prepare a customized menu for you to approve. Then on the scheduled cook date, I pick up the freshest foods available – from farm-fresh produce to herbs to meat and dairy – and prepare your meals in your kitchen. When you come home, you’ll find a perfectly clean kitchen, the aroma of delicious meals, and the labeled containers waiting for you and your family.

Meal Preparation Service Packages

The packages listed below are samples of the services that are available. The benefit of a personal chef is that if one of the packages does not fit your needs, I can customize one for you.

5 meals, 4 servings each: $225 Plus the cost of food

4 meals, 4 servings each: $200 Plus the cost of food

3 meals, 4 servings each: $175 Plus the cost of food

Meal Preparation Packages

Grocery Deposit

Check out our dinner party service!!

Are you having a dinner party and don’t want to cook? We will arrive the day of your party with all of the groceries and cooking supplies ready go, then cook the meal for you. We disappear before your guests arrive, so all you need to do is serve the food for a fantastic evening.

Other Services

In addition to personal chef services, Columbus Personal Chef – Your Personal Bistro provides the following:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Gift Certificates
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Sous Chef Service: We do the shopping and prep all the food just like they would in a restaurant, everything is cut, all the vegetables and starches are par cooked, all you have to do is cook the protein and finish the rest. An amazing meal in about 15 minutes: 1 meal 4 servings $50, plus the cost of food
  • Fresh Organic Baby Food Making Class: $75 Plus the cost of food
  • Menu planning: We sit down with you and plan out a weekly menu to your liking and within your dietary guidelines, with recipes and a shopping list: $40.00

Please contact Chef Joe today to discuss any of these services.