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Not only can we save you money – wouldn’t you love an extra 8-12 hours per week to do something you enjoy rather than worry about what’s for dinner?  We give you more time for yourself!

Always fresh, preservative-free, trans-fat free, and delicious!

Does this sound familiar?

You finally arrive home after a long, stressful day at work…You are starving and really want dinner, but dread the thought of going out or running to the grocery store then fixing it yourself.

Columbus Personal Chef can help. The concept is simple.  We provide delicious, healthy meals that you can enjoy in your own home…any time of the day or night.

Do you have a special diet?
We meet with you; we discuss your likes, dislikes and dietary needs, and create personalized menus.  We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, heart-healthy or diabetic diets. 

Have a favorite family recipe? 
We can make that too – and even create a healthy version if you like! 

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What Clients Say

See why clients say we’re the best personal chef in town!

Tom Kistner

We are so pleased with Chef Joe. We got the family meal option to feed our family of four and have been thrilled with his services. There is no better feeling than to open the refrigerator and see the neatly stacked containers of healthy, gourmet food waiting for us to heat up all week. We don’t have to go to the grocery store, cook, or worry about what to have for dinner and whether it is nutritious. We have more time to spend with the kids – doing homework, going to the park, and other activities – even during the week!‎ Plus, now my kids are eating vegetables – which is amazing.


Annie Arthur
Chef Joe came to serve dinner at our house for 17 people (adults and children). He prepped food for hours in our kitchen...I couldn't imagine taking that amount of time away from our out of town guests. Not only was the food delicious but the experience was fun and it made our guests feel really special. It was really like an event! All of our guests had conversations with him and asked him lots of questions--he does cooking lessons, too--which was fun for everyone. At the end, he left my kitchen spotless; including taking apart my entire stove and cleaning the indivdual parts. We'll definitely do this again!


Aaron Cornaby
Joe is a fantastic Chef and very easy to work with. My wife and I and few friends had Joe over for a dinner/evening cooking lesson and we had a great time. He showed us how to cook Tuna, a great cream sauce, some yummy side dishes, a very good salsa, a dessert AND a Bisque. All of this in just 2 or so hours! If you are looking for someone to teach you how to take your cooking to the next level, Joe is your guy. We felt very comfortable with him in our home and had a great time. Trust me, this is the only time you will feel comfortable when someone shows up at your door with a set of knives!

Personal Chef Services

We meet with you; we discuss your likes, dislikes and dietary needs, and create personalized menus.  We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, heart-healthy or diabetic diets.  Have a favorite family recipe?  We can make that too – and even create a healthy version if you like!

Then on the day you’ve selected, we shop for only the freshest ingredients. We come to your home, prepare your meals, package them, and leave detailed heating instructions and a clean kitchen!   How wonderful does that sound?   
Dinner is ready when you are!

We specialize in creating the freshest, handmade cuisine to enjoy from the comfort of your home, bringing your family back to the dinner table

Dinner Party Catering Columbus

Dinner Party Catering

Want an unforgettable way to celebrate a family member’s milestone birthday, an anniversary, or a big graduation?  Are you having a dinner party and don’t want to cook?  We will arrive the day of your party with all of the groceries and cooking supplies ready go, then cook the meal for you.  We  disappear before your guests arrive, so all you need to do is serve the food and enjoy a fantastic evening.

Cooking Classes Columbus

We also offer personal cooking classes in your Central Ohio home. Let us share our training and experiences that we’ve received from years of working with top culinary chefs. From appetizers to desserts, we can show you easy methods of preparing delicious meals!

This is such a fun way to host a dinner party – food and entertainment all in one. We can work with any skill level!

Sample Topics-

  • Vegetarian Entertaining
  • Organic Baby Food
  • Holiday Dishes
  • Cooking 101
  • Quick & Healthy Dinners
  • Knife Skills
  • Many other topics. . . just ask!
Chef Joe Columbus Personal Chef


My passion really started when I moved out and started cooking at home for myself. I found out throwing a dinner party was a great way to get friends to visit.  When I told people I was cooking, they all came over.  As I improved my craft, my passion grew and I realized that I had a knack for cooking and pairing foods.   Family and friends started telling me that I should go to culinary school, but at the time I was working in IT, so it took a few years to just up and change careers.  But eventually I  enrolled at Columbus State Community College as a Chef’s Apprentice and received an associate’s degree in hospitality management three years later.

I started my apprenticeship in a fine dining restaurant and finished my apprenticeship at a high end hotel. There I learned all aspects of the business from baking and banquets, to the visual appeal of food.  I also learned new techniques and flavor pairing.  From there I moved on to a country club and then to the prepared foods section of a nationally known health food store.  There I discovered many new whole grains and varieties of produce, so  I learned how to cook healthier dishes with less salt and little to no fat.  I have been enjoying experimenting at home with all my new found techniques.  My wife and sons love it, my wife would only eat a few vegetables when I met her, now nothing is out of the question!!

After years of cooking in commercial kitchens working late hours then starting a family,  I decided I should bring my expertise straight to the people. This allows me to cook in a more intimate setting directly for you.   It allows me to be more creative and to help families eat healthy meals, and try new foods while still getting high end food.  I also enjoy teaching people how to cook flavorful, healthy food, because so many think if it’s healthy it can’t taste good.

Let me share my passion of cuisine with you.

I am an American Culinary Federation: Certified Culinarian, and ServSafe Certified (Food Safety and Sanitation)



Take A Break From Takeout

A healthy home cooked dinner is just a click away

The Myth Of Healthy Foods

Believe it or not, many of the foods and snacks marked “healthy” in stores are actually bad for you. They’re packed with sugars and artificial ingredients that spike your blood sugar and promote fat gain.



Chef Joe did a great job providing a cooking class for our wedding party the morning of the bridal shower. He made it fun and informative while he was very professional but relaxed. He demonstrated a little then had us set up at different sations to slice, dice, and stir up different parts of the recipe and had it coordinated in such a way that everything was done at the same time. It was a well orchestrated event and everyone had a great time! The food was delicious!!



Chef Joe is the best!! We thoroughly enjoyed his cooking and his warm personality.   He prepared a very healthy, tasty meal and the presentation was beautiful! Plus clean up was a bonus!! YUM!   A Fantastic Treat!!



Chef Joe was awesome! he came and did a dinner party for 8 friends and also made it informative!



Joe is amazing!!!! He produced an elegant meal that was packed with flavor as well as delighted the eye.  Joe was a professional as well as very hospitable. He prepared a mother’s day feast for our family of 15 and by the end our family wanted to adopt Joe into our fold! Words cannot express my gratitude or appreciation. I can’t wait for the next event, not even a question of who we are going to hire!



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your specialty?

Columbus Personal Chef specializes in several areas, including heart-healthy, gluten-free, low-fat, ethnic cuisines and comfort foods. We can make any type of meal you wish to eat!

Can you make my recipes?

Absolutely!  We love working with your own favorite family recipes and can recreate them as written or, if you would rather, we can make a healthy version for you. It is up to you!

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No long-term contracts required.  Call when you need more food, or book a regular weekly, biweekly or monthly date.  A week advance notice requested to design and approve your menu.

Do you handle catering?

Yes!  We can cater up to 200 people.  We can also do dinner parties, cocktail parties, wine pairings, cooking lessons - both private and group, hors d'oeurves, weddings, grad parties, BBQs and campfire cookouts.

How much do you charge for your services?

Menu pricing varies depending on the number of people and the amount of food your order.  Give us a call today for a free consultation!

What areas of Ohio do you service?

We service all areas of Central Ohio.  Additionally, we also service much of Ohio including:  Cincinnati, Canton, Akron, Cleveland, Bellefontaine, Newark, Delaware, Circleville, Chillicothe, London,  Mansfield and Hocking Hills.  Don't see your area listed?  Give us a call and we will see what we can do!

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